I was referred to your agency through my personal auto insurance agent, as I was seeking quotes for business automobile insurance. I was contacted by Jennifer Skeens, who introduced herself and then allowed me to tell her exactly what I was looking for. She was enthusiastic about helping me find the right coverage for the right price. She explained she would use every tool at her disposal and told me it would take a couple days due to the complexity of my requirements and because she would shop around for the best price. Every day for the next two days, she contacted me and we discussed variables and she even brought up some things that I hadn’t been asked before by other companies (which scared me a little at first, but she assured me it was all part of the process).

The next day after completing the applications, she contacted me and said she was still waiting for one final quote to come in. Shortly before her quote came in, another agent whom I’d been talking with (and had mentioned to Jennifer) delivered a revised quote. I sent his quote to Jennifer so she’d have something to gauge by. The quotes turned out the be the same -- from the same agency. Jennifer had warned me that this could happen and I explained to her that ethically, I was bound to the first agent, as he had provided a quote to me over a month ago and I reached out to him prior to contacting her. She completely understood and I felt horrible because she’d been such a fantastic agent during the past couple of days that we’d been working together. If you want an agent who is willing to go the extra-EXTRA mile for you, then please contact Jennifer Skeens. I owe her so much for her time and effort and the next time you need a quote for our business, I’m calling her first.

Damon C.